Red bull vs monster

Monster vs Red Bull – What’s the Difference?

red bull vs monster

Ever wondered what the biggest differences between Monster energy drink and Red Bull are? We put the two famous energy drinks head to.


When comparing the two energy drinks, they are almost alike in their taste and ingredients. Moreover, Red Bull and Monster drinks target the young people. One of the main differences between Red Bull and Monster is in the size of the can they come in. Monster energy drink comes in a larger can than Red Bull. Where Monster comes in a 16oz can, Red Bull comes in an 8.

Ever wondered what the biggest differences between Monster energy drink and Red Bull are? We put the two famous energy drinks head to head here to help you decide which is better. Monster energy drink is an energy drink produced by an American company, the Monster Beverage Corporation. It comes in a 16 fl. Over the years, Monster energy drink has been associated with certain health risks such as cardiac arrest, due to some individuals consuming it in excess, but moderate consumption does not usually have any negative side effects. The Monster Beverage Corporation previously the Hansen Natural Company has a long history of making all types of sodas and juices, before branching out to energy drinks in

Considering the outcomes from this questionnaire, we assume that Red Bull is the clear favorite energy drink for the majority of the consumers. We have stated this with the facts. To be fair we have to add here, that only one of the respondents answered that he or she consumes Monster energy drinks. Obviously we did not reach the target group with our questionnaire and therefore the results tend to be more in favor for Red Bull than a representative survey might show. Article, Analysis, Pictures, Conclusions, etc. In the last question we asked about the preferences of energy drinks, which criteria is the most important when buying energy drinks.

A review of all the studies into energy drinks and their effects on the body has found they seriously damage your physical and mental health. The caffeine and sugar laden drinks can cause mental health problems like anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity, kidney damage, fatigue and even encourage risk-seeking behaviour. Researchers also found that people who mix them with alcohol are likely to drink far more because the energy masks the effects of being drunk. The study, published in Frontiers Public Health, recommends restricting the sale of the drinks to children and teenagers. Most energy drinks have similar ingredients: water, sugar, caffeine, certain vitamins, minerals and stimulants such as guarana, taurine and ginseng.

Difference Between Red Bull and Monster

NEXT time you pick up a can of Red Bull or Monster to give yourself an side effects like an increase in risk taking behaviourCredit: Monster.
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