Di marzio d activator

DiMarzio D Activator 7 Humbucker Pickup

di marzio d activator

The D Activator™ Bridge has an enriched harmonic quality and the notes want to sing. Both the D Activator™ Neck and Bridge pickups were designed to eliminate the sterile edginess commonly associated with active pickups. The D Activator™ Bridge pickup is about 25% louder than the.

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EUR The D Activator sounds powerful, clean, and open, with harmonic overtones and very tight lows. The end results are the D Activator Neck and Bridge. They use coils tuned to specific frequencies. The purpose is to shift the resonant points of the pickups to the fundamentals and harmonics that you want to accentuate from the guitar, and they respond instantly to hard or light pick attack. The sound is powerful, clean, and open, with excellent harmonic overtones and very tight lows.

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Guitars, Gear, Tone! Dimarzio D-Activator pickups? From what i understood, the original D-Activator was meant to be like a passive version of an EMG Looking at the specs on Dimarzio's site, it appears to be a hotter pickup than the original D-Activator model and also seems to be voiced to sound a bit thicker too. Anyone here using the D-Activators or the X version? If so, how do you like them?

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DiMarzio D Activator Bridge DP220 FBK

DiMarzio D Activator Pickups

The best way to describe the D Activator™ Neck pickup is that it is big, bright, and The D Activator™ Bridge has an enriched harmonic quality and the notes.
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  1. Katja D. says:

    An Active humbucker with powerful, clean, and open sounding sounds.

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