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Questura di Venezia in the only one in Italy that carries out a services in lagoon and in the mainland. The experience gained by the State Police in the navigation in the lagoon is transferred to the engineers who realize a boat that answers to all the needs evidenced in years of operating activity carried out between the channels. In Vizianello built a boat that perfectly combines three different needs: the boat is suitable for navigation in the lagoon, is responsible for the specific control service of the territory and is also suitable for a continuous shift of at least six hours. The measurements of the boat allow the passage under the bridges and the evolutions in the Venetian canals, even in those where a normal boat has difficulty of maneuver. The State Police will take part in the Boat Show showing a lagoon steering wheel.

Questura di Roma. Tutte le notizie. Ubriaco e senza patente di guida provoca incidente con feriti e scappa. Prati Fiscali. Piazzale Flaminio. Rapina il cellulare ed inseguito, minaccia i presenti con un coccio di vetro. I fatti del giorno Il Questore.

Questura di Roma Tutte le notizie Elenco di tutte le notizie Il Questore Paolo Pellegrin firma il Calendario della Polizia di Stato Stazione Termini.
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Alongside with Carabinieri , it is the main police force for providing police duties and, with its child agencies it is also responsible for highway patrol autostrade , railways ferrovie , airports aeroporti , customs together with the Guardia di Finanza as well as certain waterways, and assisting the local police forces. It was a military force until when the Italian State Law was passed. This converted the State Police to a civil force, [1] which is in contrast to the other main police forces of Italy: the Arma dei Carabinieri , which is a military police gendarmerie force [2] [3] and the Guardia di Finanza , the Italian customs and border protection police that also falls in the military corps category. The Polizia di Stato is the principal Italian police force for the maintenance of public security and as such it is run directly from the Dipartimento della Pubblica Sicurezza Department of Public Security , and the keeping of public order ordine pubblico. Interpol summarizes the primary focus of this force: "Its responsibilities include investigative and law enforcement duties, and the security of motorway, railway, and waterway networks".



Polizia di Stato (National Police)




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