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Level-5 Announces “Yo-Kai Watch 4” Western Release

yo kai watch videos

Yo-Kai Watch Season 2 episode 50

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Yo-Kai Watch is a multimedia Mon series by Level After the original video game came out in July , Yo-Kai Watch took over Japan, with an anime, sequel video games released while the original was still selling well, a Collectible Card Game , a collectible card game that ties into an arcade game, multiple different manga , and merchandise out the wazoo, including the titular Yo-Kai Watch and all the collectibles that go with it so kids can pretend to summon the over different Yo-Kai. More overall information can be found here. The game series, which remains the flagship product of the franchise, is about a fifth-grader with the player's choice of a boy or girl, although the rest of the franchise leans on the boy as being canon who finds a capsule machine in the woods while looking for bugs one day. When they open a capsule from the machine, they release a Yo-Kai called Whisper, who becomes their ghost butler out of gratitude for his freedom and gives them the titular Yo-Kai Watch. As the tale unfolds, however, the stakes our hero faces grow, and it turns out they may have a deeper connection to the Watch and the world of Yo-kai than anyone involved first realized

The main video game series is a role-playing video game where the player befriends Yo-kai, and fights the bad ones.
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Yo-Kai Watch


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