Bands similar to my chemical romance

Meeting The Teenagers Who Still Stan My Chemical Romance

bands similar to my chemical romance

Find similar artists to My Chemical Romance and discover new music. Scrobble Panic! at the Disco is American rock band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The void left by that band — who for their fans, were more a way of life than just a unit that pumped out songs they liked — largely remains unfilled. Not so much. We could do with a few more of them. The Anglo-American pop punk band As It Is went about a major rebrand — accompanied by sooty kohl eyes and much sloganeering — before the release of their third record last month, The Great Depression. Time will tell how successful all of the above will be in ascending to the level of legacy built by My Chemical Romance.

Lead image courtesy of one of the contributors. Sometime around , when I was barely a teen, My Chemical Romance came into my life. And so, it feels kind of surprising to me — a year-old with a Gerard Way tattoo — that MCR still mean the world to teens across the globe. The band grew up and finally separated five years ago, in , but their fanbase didn't wane. In fact, it evolved and expanded.

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My Chemical Romance unknown. The best band ever that's often thought as being emo. Chav- " Wot u listnin' to bruv?
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There was a time when I was extraordinarily uncool. Around age 11 my fashion sense was a mess, my hair was messier, and I listened to My Chemical Romance. What a year. I was bullied for a lot of things, from my big belly and lil tiddies to my love for these pants. The difference was, I was bullied into believing that My Chemical Romance was embarrassing. That there were not worthy of praise, and rather, they were something to be ashamed of.


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