I wanna be your dog

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i wanna be your dog

I Wanna Be Your Dog

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"I Wanna Be Your Dog" is a song by the American rock band The Stooges. The song is included on their self-titled debut album. Its memorable riff.
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The song is included on their self-titled debut album. The 3-minute-andsecond-long song, with its raucous, distortion-heavy guitar intro, pounding, single-note piano riff played by producer John Cale of The Velvet Underground , and steady, driving beat, established The Stooges at the cutting edge example of the heavy metal and punk sound. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Garage rock [1] [2] proto-punk [3]. This section does not cite any sources.

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I Wanna Be Your Dog

When looking back at the friendship between Iggy Pop and David Bowie it can become quite easy to focus on the extraordinary and extravagant. The tour itself was kind of cursed, reports Bowie Songs. The focal point of the stage show, which had its budget bumped up by Pepsi Cola money, was a giant spider that stood in the middle of the stage. Aside from the large budget and the giant spider, it allowed Bowie to create, the tour was mired in frustration. Whether it was from the band whose infighting was becoming a funded dick measuring contest, technical faults with mics and sound, or Bowie himself being exasperated by the size of the show and the pressure it put on him, the tour was beginning to fall flat. The performance below is from the Sydney stop of the tour and sees Bowie in swashbuckling form. Holding court, he delivers a spine-tingling performance of the track.

Gotta keep that momentum up. Heavy Psych Doomers Shadow Witch, all details to be revealed in the next days! About this song, Earl Walker Lundy, the bands vocalist, says:. I was in the middle of this really intense affair, and all the songs we were writing started to be about that, about that girl, that obsessive all-powerful romance. Our drummer thought it would be funny to play a cover that related to the situation. We all love The Stooges, so even though people might not think Stooges when they hear Shadow Witch, it really is an influence.


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