Dialoghi sull uomo 2017

What is Pistoia Dialoghi sull'uomo

dialoghi sull uomo 2017

26 May - 2 July Exhibition opens Friday 26 May at pm. Sale affrescate Palazzo Comunale, piazza del duomo, free admission. Opening Hours: May 26 -


What does this mean? Each year, The Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Turism selects on city as part of an initiative to support and promote projects relating to culture. One reason that this little city in Tuscany won was the importance Pistoia has given to culture in its broadest sense for many years. So, with a calendar packed full of theatre, music, art and activities, Pistoia is gearing up for a full year of cultural enrichment. The program includes renovating historic monuments to create space for exhibits and will be featuring events showcasing local, Italian a nd international talents and working with the community to highlight their unique and special cultural profile. Events in Pistoia such as festival have be come regular features in the city. Pistoia, the Italian Capital of Culture is a unique oppor tunity to join them:.

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This exhibition has been created for Dialogues on Man by a master of contemporary photography as a way of expanding on the theme of culture, especially popular culture in Italy. The essence of these festivities is constantly and perceptively captured by this anthropologist who has chosen to be a photographer. Skip to main content. Gianni Berengo Gardin In festa: celebrating Italian folklore festivals This exhibition has been created for Dialogues on Man by a master of contemporary photography as a way of expanding on the theme of culture, especially popular culture in Italy. Curated by Giulia Cogoli. Gianni Berengo Gardin is a master of contemporary photography, mainly focusing on documentary photography, social investigations, architectural documentation and portraying the environment. He has published over books and held more than solo exhibitions.

In addition to an international summit of culture ministers in Florence, a newly arrived is bringing a yearlong program of events marking the Tuscan city of Pistoia as the Italian Capital of Culture. Inviting all to participate, Pistoia will showcase art, architecture, literature, music, anthropology and more throughout the year. Events will focus largely on urban renewal and the transformation from the old to the new. A green laser ray of light will illuminate Culture Capital inauguration venues. His versatile works — drawings, plans, models and sketches — will be exhibited to the public who are welcome to take part in a conference dedicated to the Michelucci to be held on the first day of the exhibition March 25 and in various workshops scheduled throughout the year. Special visits are planned to the Gori Foundation on the Celle estate in Santomato. The sculpture garden contains installations in styles ranging from surrealism to minimalism, interactive art to traditional sculptures by prominent artists such as Alberto Burri, Daniel Buren, Jean-Michel Folon, Robert Morris, Claudio Parmiggiani, and Sol Lewitt.

Over the last nine years, the event has been galvanised by cultural and civil commitment and by the desire to involve the widest possible audience during three days of encounters, lessons, shows and readings in the historic heart of Pistoia. This festival of cultural research into contemporary anthropology aims to offer participants new perspectives on human societies. It does this by allowing experts from different fields to compare outlooks in a discussion going beyond the boundaries between disciplines to propose entirely new observations of our world today. Dialogues offers a new way of performing cultural analyses , novel both for the anthropological approach it was a forerunner in adopting this method , and for the production of cultural content. Indeed, a continued commitment to offer audiences conferences, shows and unusual encounters over the years has seen the festival grow, complemented by several other initiatives: a collection of books published by UTET, a large archive of audio and video recordings, a school project that has involved approximately 25, students and a series of major photographic exhibitions. Skip to main content.

Dialoghi sull'uomo

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. - Societies, cultures and games' : this is the title of the 7th edition of 'Dialogues sull'uomo', one of the most anticipated events in Pistoia, which will take place in the historic centre of the city from 27th to 29th May

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Pack your bags: this month, numerous food festivals, wine affairs and cultural events are adding color to Tuscan spring. May brings ample opportunities for overnight and day trips from Florence, from calm countryside escapes to hip out-of-town happenings. Enjoy the fresh fruit on its own or sample one of the more daring strawberry-based dishes. Local wine producers will be on hand for beverage service, and the evenings will feature entertainment and live music for adults and children alike. The festival takes place in the city garden on via Roma on May 7—8, 14—15 and View the full program on the website.

A unique anthropology festival in Italy, Dialoghi sull'uomo in - curated by to discover this beautiful city, proclaimed capital of Italian Culture for but.
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