Concerti 2017 laura pausini

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concerti 2017 laura pausini


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The tour ended on September 15, , after Pausini announcing she was pregnant. The title and the tracklist of the album were announced through Pausini's website on September 10, The album was released on November 11, ; then, Pausini embarked in her sixth world tour starting in Italy during the last two weeks of December and going back to South America and Europe during the first semester of The tour was expected to return to South America in late On March 18, show, the videoclip of the song Mi tengo debuted, playing on the videowall of that same song. In order to promote the album, Pausini engaged a World Tour, starting with 11 shows in Italy in late December The tour reached South America in January—February returning to countries like Venezuela where just performed once 14 years ago during the World Wide Tour and traveling during March—May the European leg of her tour.

A versatile musician whose work both as orchestrator and conductor in the most varied musical genres is very appreciated, in confirmation of a vision looking beyond the pointless borders between different fields. His unmistakable musical style is the result of a wise mixture between classical orchestration and modern languages: this is also due to a solid learning. He began his studies in Lucca his hometown ; he attended piano, composition, conducting, organ, electronic music in Florence courses, and he completed his studies in Milan, the city where his professional career started. In its 24 editions so far, the concert featured artists from all over the world, and Renato had a double role as orchestrator and conductor. There are also other concerts and events of great importance, all broadcast by the main networks, including the following:. Amo Tour Nini Rosso.

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Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini - Dare To Live (HD) ft. Laura Pausini

As a child, she was encouraged by her father to join him during his performances in local piano bars. After competing in local singing contests, Pausini signed her first recording contract., Un abbraccio. Un abbraccio: il momento in cui due storie si uniscono in una, anche solo per un istante.




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