Best horror movies 2017 so far

The Best Horror Movies of 2017 So Far!

best horror movies 2017 so far

With that in mind, here's my idea of the best horror films of so far. We'll be updating the piece on a regular basis (just like our bigger Best.

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Could any horror film of the past 12 months compete, scare-wise, with the terrors that lurked outside your front door, or that greeted you daily in your news feeds and TweetDecks? But if you think of horror as being a release valve — the place where we exorcise our collective fears and anxieties — was the year that we needed scary movies the most. Ghost stories, gorefests, slow-burning dread and jump-scare jolts, serial killers and supernatural soul-stealers, legendary auteurs up their old tricks and first-time filmmakers who pushed things in incredible new directions — there was a smorgasbord of fright to be had. But it also delivered a handful of films that would easily make our all-time canon. Here are our picks for the 10 best horror movies of Come at us, Internet.

There are a number of indie breakouts to be excited about. On the wide release front, things have certainly been hit or miss. Even a couple standouts that I genuinely enjoyed suffered from serious issues. As it stands now, this list is comprised of a healthy mix of mainstream fare, critical darlings, and a couple of under the radar treats. Even if a film was made years prior, it has to have been released within the calendar year in cinemas, on demand, or home video. Naturally, their chosen campsite is also the real life location of an unsolved mass murder from

With his debut feature The Loved Ones , Sean Byrne established himself as an exciting new voice in horror, unafraid to balance thrills with the darkest of dark humor. With a two-and-a-half-hour run-time, A Cure for Wellness could be criticized for its indulgence, and there are certainly moments throughout when director Gore Verbinski might have exhibited some restraint. But part of what makes the film work is its sprawling nature, and the slow dread that builds along the way to its shocking reveals. After an accident renders Lockhart a patient, he becomes increasingly suspicious of the center and its head doctor, Heinrich Volmer Jason Isaacs. And when it does veer into absurdity, DeHaan and Isaacs are so committed that they make it work. The rewarding reappearance of Andy Barclay Alex Vincent makes the case for this kind of drawn-out storytelling, rare in slasher movies.

Here, the best scary movies of the year so far. Fun stuff. Get tickets at fandango. Stream on amazon. Stream on Netflix.

I like most horror movies. Hell, I like most movies that are only tangentially horror movies. I'm looking at you, Resident Evil and Underworld sequels. But there's a big difference between a goofy minute distraction and a legitimately impressive horror film. I don't think I'll ever revisit Underworld 5 again -- or even discuss it all that much -- but when it comes to the finest genre films, it's never too early to start shining a light on the really good stuff. With that in mind, here's my idea of the best horror films of We'll be updating the piece on a regular basis just like our bigger Best of list and highlighting the best of the best.

The 25 Best Horror Movies of 2017

A lot of terrific movies have hit theaters this year, and the horror genre in particular has seen some standouts—whether they be sci-fi thrillers, brutal psychological mind-fucks, or spooky supernatural stories.,








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