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zaini scuola frozen 2017

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There is no record to verify this domestic mythology, but I do recall the thrill of being able to command the attention of strangers. A similar transformation took place in my art practice when I was in my twenties. The paradox of this equivalency has always puzzled me. How could the desire to captivate a room morph into the satisfaction of observing it? Like most unresolved riddles, this personal mystery occasionally resurfaces with an unexpected urgency. As the director and curator Kate McNamara showed me around during my first site visit, I was instantly transported to memories of my time as a student. I recalled having the expectation when I was in art school that I would find my voice as an artist.

So we asked David how he prepares himself for these moments, and the essentials needed to make the most out of his alpine experiences. The personal challenge between nature and myself, sharing unique moments with friends, being able to discover and explore new places all over the planet — I find peace and happiness in that. There are a few things that I always take with me on my adventures. If the Verto is too small I know I can rely on the Shadow backpack. And finally a GPS watch so that I can monitor all the training and preparation for my upcoming expeditions. The outer shell is so important. The talisman necklace is one.

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AIR3 Directors are willing to bring more action into the european cinematographic industry by sharing each other's skills and acting as a team. They like to observe and study the transformation of the many languages that communicate through images. And they like to do it from many different points of view: they built a community by producing events and venues that gathers people and develop connections. And in the meantime organizes a number of workshops to confront with players of the same game. A game they love that puts their directing abilities into focus and shares them with the whole world.


KIT backpack school child FROZEN extendable 41cm fuchsia with box 90021

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