Force of will lightning strike

Lightning Strike

force of will lightning strike

Abilities: [Quickcast]. Choose one - This card deals damage to target J/ resonator; or this card deals damage to your opponent. Flavor Text.


Sean McQuilken left and his brother Michael right were hiking in California when their hair stood on end. Lightning struck minutes later, injuring Sean and killing another hiker. As dark clouds gathered overhead, a light rain started to fall. Laughing, Mary told him that his hair, too, was standing on end. Michael passed the camera to Mary, who took a photo of her smiling brothers. Then the temperature fell, bringing hail, Michael recalls. So their team headed down.

Results 1 - 10 of 18 Rarity / #:: Promo / L1-Buy a Box; Cost: 1; Attribute: Fire; Type: Spell; Description: [Quickcast] Choose one - This card deals damage to.
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The human body simply isn't built to conduct kV of electricity. So when things backfire while you're fishing in a thunderstorm, and you find yourself doing an impromptu rendition of Powder , here's what you can expect. While there is still debate within the scientific community as to the exact nature of the process, most believe that cloud-to-ground lightning originates when conditions within a thunder head strip electrons from rising water vapor to create an electrical field. Free electrons gather at the bottom of the cloud while positive ions move to the top. This electrical field is so intense that the negative electrons in the cloud repel electrons on the ground. These ground-level other electrons get pushed far enough into the strata that the surface of the planet becomes positively charged.

Lightning strike

All rights reserved., Lightning strikes are wondrous sites to see, but they can also be deadly.

Where will lightning strike?

When lightning strikes sand in the desert, it instantly melts the grains, creating complex structures that geologists call fulgurites. These structures of partially melted minerals can also be found in lightning-struck rocks. But that's just the beginning: While investigating this phenomenon on an outcropping in southern France, researchers discovered that the changes can go even further down to the atomic level. Lightning can warp quartz crystals in rock to form distinct structures typically found in meteorites, reports Elizabeth Goldbaum for LiveScience. The fulgurite was also porous, similar to foam; the researchers suspect it got that way when the sizzling lightning vaporized the rock's surface. Under the foamy, glassy fulgurite layer, shock lamellae were hidden, only visible with a transmission electron microscope. There, a thin layer of what were once quartz crystals had melted and deformed so much that the crystal structure was destroyed.


What a Lightning Strike Does to Your Body

A lightning strike or lightning bolt is an electric discharge between the atmosphere and an object. They mostly originate in a cumulonimbus cloud and terminate on the ground, called cloud to ground CG lightning. A less common type of strike, called ground to cloud GC , is upward propagating lightning initiated from a tall grounded object and reaches into the clouds. The bulk of lightning events are intra-cloud IC or cloud to cloud CC , where discharges only occur high in the atmosphere. The movement of aircraft through clouds can even cause lightning strikes.



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